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Got the Document flicked by somebody

Dee Pra An important bank document that came by mail was there one minute and not there the next. It Going by past pattern it would usually take the route of denial and/or argument and so I was dreading even to enquire him about it. Before I could cave in to despair I thought of asking Naran S Balakumar, who suggested me to write "LEMON DROP" on a piece of paper and keep it with me and ask about it. I did not understand but did so. After some time I got a chance to ask and Lo! Very meekly the person quietly handed it over with a mumble “picked it up by mistake". I was so relieved that I did not pursue it further even though I knew it was unlikely to be a mistake. I got the document with no needless effort to procure as duplicate, and the incident was resolved in a way that prevented much personal and mental anguish. Thank You LEMONDROP.

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