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Angel to remove your obstacles

Updated: Mar 5

Naran Use Angel No: 58 to remove the obstacles in your life. It is the number of Lord Hanuman, the ARCHETYPAL UNIVERSAL IMAGE of OBSTACLE REMOVER. If you have any regression in life, it will remove it. If somebody is giving obstructions – say somebody from your family – those obstructions are removed by this angel number. If you have a knee pain, then you will have problems in walking. 58 will help you to walk better as it removes any type of obstacles.

Bad left knee pain

Rashmi I was suffering from a bad left knee pain while travelling abroad. You suggested to me keeping a paper with no: 58 written on it, under pillow while sleeping. You also asked me to chant “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”. Within 2 days of chanting my knee was back to normal. Hope this might also help people with similar problems. Thank you ever so much for this and a lot many things. I also call upon animal spirit Wolf a lot of times. It has never failed me. Again thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of animal spirits, Mudra healing, mantras, Bach flowers and switch words……..there’s lots to learn everyday from your site…..May God bless you……

Naran Thank you.  Best of luck Explanation HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA: is a mantra for the knee problem. CHANGE DIVINE ORDER: change to divine order – health

His sister has to get married firstSNM My friend’s daughter is in love with a boy and wants to get married soon. But, the boy’s elder sister too is in the age of getting married. So his parents like their daughter to get married first. Then they will allow him to marry with my friend’s daughter. Naran

  1. Write the name of the boy’s sister. Circle it draw another circle around the first circle. In the gap write “SWEET CHESTNUT SCLERANTHUS WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM”.

  2. Daily read this.

  3. For the lovers, ask them to chant 58 (to remove all the obstacles)Explanation SWEET CHESTNUT: need’s divine intervention to get married SCLERANTHUS: to happen at the right time WALNUT: is for any transition OAK: for the effort to be rewarded HORNBEAM: to complete this successfully.


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