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Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa Kancheepuram 2016

Naran S Balakumar People often wonder which god is greater – is it Siva, Narayanan or Brahma and so on? This is the attitude prevailing among human beings, due to our own ignorance about gods. However, we should not get into our minds who is bigger and who is smaller. Among gods there is no such differentiation.

The leader of our life In this mundane world, which one leads our lives? How so many things happen automatically? Only she – the divine mother, has created this universe. She has created such a huge universe and yet she stands behind it quietly. The Universal Supreme Mother – the Universal Divine Force resides in us, as a Prana Sakthi. In all these forms, she is present. You are in our bodies as well as outside us; yet you do such great things – the Universal Mother Ambika! When I consider myself in comparison with such a great Universe, where do I stand? I am not even a miniscule. Even then I create such a fuss and I react negatively even when there is a small problem. Nothing can move without her. Who is running the show? As soon as the sun rises, we start our activities. We are born, we live, and we die and start over once again. But, Anaadhi Nithanaa – you are ever-living – with no birth or death and yet continuously creating. Ashwaroodaa – you are in the minds of everybody, but not to be seen. Yet, you run the minds of everybody. Everybody is under you. Aparaajithaa – everybody is under you. If we need to bring our mind into our control then it means we need to surrender to somebody – Ambal. Samarpanam is more important here than surrender.

Need to grow spiritually The common question I get in the blog is, “He is not good. She is not good’. I meditate everyday and I need to grow spiritually’. We forget that we need to live our life spiritually. We think living is one thing and meditation is another. The irony is that I meditate for one hour, but I fight with others for 9 hours. Yet, I want to grow spiritually. How this is possible? What do we ask from gods – nothing but business isn’t it? If you want to grow spiritually then you need this mantra.

To achieve something in life what do we need? Thanks to the impact of the western world, we think we need to focus, be goal oriented, and constantly move towards our goal. To achieve anything we need her blessings. You may put in lot of efforts. But she needs to okay your goal and then only you will achieve it. However, we cannot simply sit quiet and wait for her to ok it. Therefore, we have to do Samarpanam – offer ourselves fully. From morning whatever I do, I will offer fully every act of mine to you. Sometimes, I fight due to ignorance and even that I will give it to you. My words are yours. That is the meaning of this mantra.

How to remove hurdles in front of you Ambika! Help me to win over a mind – which is wavering, even if it is a little. Sometimes you will get hurdles. That will be removed by Anaadhi Nithanaa. This will remove any type of hurdles. For children, it is a great mantra. For teenagers to be successful in their studies, this mantra is very helpful. Focus and Attention – they will get it though this mantra. I don’t know what Samarpanam is. This mantra will help us to learn it. The mind is travelling in eight different directions with tens of thousands of thoughts. Bring that mind together and make it to die. Only then the soul will rise up and guide us.


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