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Always receive money when I chant this mantra

Nayana Tarange “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM SUDHARSHANAM” I read this mantra on Naran’s website. And tried it...And it's really works miracle every time... Whenever I chant this mantra, on that day I always receive cash or cheque...! Thank you Naran for this mantra!!!

R Mohan One day I tried this mantra. I had ordered for books worth Rs. 20,000 in Amazon. After chanting for few minutes, on impulse I went to a local book stall. I found same books in the shop and along with that another two books I had wanted and all for 10,000.

Sonika Ahluwalia Reading this post ...I too tried it, chanted about a 108 times for two days and my tax refund which usually takes two weeks to come into the account came within a week! Received a refund that I was having trouble getting from a company even though they had refused it, and suddenly it was applied to my account!! Amazing this mantra is! Thank you Naran S Balakumar!!


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