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Adjust is the message

Blogger I love squirrels ever since the story of how Sri Rama gave them the stripes. Today, I saw a huge chameleon on the garden wall. I am very scared of them since childhood and really hate them for the fear they cause in me. But, it was a distance and I saw from the window. So I was calm. Now, after knowing about animal spirit guides, I feel positive about all of them (not much, a little). Pls. tell us significance of chameleon if any.

Naran “Adjust” is the message Other messages from the manual

  1. We are likely to get indigestion or flatulence – so take care of your diet

  2. Face anything boldly

  3. Be patient

  4. Don’t show your anger

  5. You need to diversify

  6. Take care of your heart and circulatory problems

  7. Tone your heart and express your love


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