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About Reiki

  1. Restore health

  2. Good relationships

  3. All wishes fulfilled if they are in tune with divine order

  4. All desires fulfilled if they are in tune with divine order Reiki is done in broadly two steps

  5. Cleansing and Clearing – 1st step

  6. Energizing and filling  with pure own energy – 2nd Step Reiki is working with symbols. Draw symbols for cleansing and energization. After initiation, subconsciously others will know we are Reiki channel. We need to be mature. When we have a problem, we just have to draw the symbols and do nothing else. The problem is solved automatically. That’s the beauty of Reiki. We write an intention and draw symbols over it. Reiki will make you act in a manner that is suitable for the situation. You will be taking right actions required to achieve your goal. Giving Reiki Give Reiki to your body every day. Giving Reiki means giving Reiki to a place there is less energy. Give Reiki to whatever situation that warrants energy, healing others problems and so on. There is a procedure to be followed in Reiki.

  7. Even though you are a Reiki channel now and always connected with Reiki, you need to connect to Reiki every day once.

  8. Why there is a lack of energy, because some garbage is there. In the same way, cleansing is the first step of Reiki. It is like cleansing the Pooja room.

  9. Energizing is the next step. This is the sequence of Reiki. Follow the sequence while drawing the symbols. If you look at creations, everything is universal energy. When intention and desires are not happening they need sufficient energy, as they are also universal energy. If you say you are not able to construct the house, it means you need to give sufficient energy to that intention. Reiki will fulfill 100% of all intentions. So, energize your intentions without worrying in the evening why it is not happening yet. Lesson of Reiki Message from Reiki is “Always live with love and thanks’. When we say thanks to the person, who did something good for us, they in turn will express love to you. Therefore, ‘Love, Thanks and Reiki’ is the lesson for us today. Naran offers Reiki Levels 1 and 2 workshops. Please contact the center for class schedule. Disclaimer : Reiki is a self-healing meditative yogic practice of japan, like our Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, and Mudras. Either Reiki or NARAN does not claim to treat any physical disease. Nor is it a replacement for any Medical treatment. Any alternate healing , namely Reiki, Bach flowers, switch words, mantras, Mudras, enhances one’s mental will power to cope with life problems. Naran does not heal; he only teaches.


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