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About I.E.I.T

Instant Emotional Intelligence Technique (I.E.I.T) or Tapping For Emotional Freedom About IEIT In Nutshell You can take your life in your hands. You can change your mind. Treat Depression. You can change yourself and change others too. You can heal your life. Can you describe the technique? It is a combination of two techniques, namely NLP and Acupressure. Combing the effectiveness of Acupressure with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principle, this technique – popularly known as EFT, lets you discover the amazing way to heal yourself, your family, friends and others. Perhaps an easiest way to free oneself from emotional sufferings and pains. This totally heals you incredibly. Bear in mind, Naran has added points other than those used for EFT. He has found some more simple techniques, but very powerful ones. All these makes IEIT a much more powerful tool and at the same time very simple to use. Is it easy to learn? It is so easy that even a child can learn it without any difficulty. How fast is the healing? It works instantly. That’s why this Acupressure Tapping is called as Instant Emotional Intelligence Technique. Is it similar to Reiki or Pranic healing? No. It is unique. It is different. You can take charge of your life at any moment after you learn the concept. Can a simple technique like this solve complex problems? This simple technique can solve the most difficult problems. Problems doesn’t exist outside. It exists only in the mind. The same problem which appears big to one person, appears small to another person. What is the concept behind this technique? If there is a problem inside the mind, the solution for the problem is within the mind too. If you find some events makes you feel sad, then you can come out of the sadness as fast as you can change your shirt or pants. Can physical ailments be handled IEIT? Why not? Experiences shows, it can handle many physical ailments as there is a connection between the mind and the body. So when the mind – the thought pattern(s), is healed, the physical ailments associated with the thought pattern is healed too.


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