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A need for stability in life

Manish Financially, I am broke with nothing left for next month’s basic survival. I needed to know which Animal Spirit can help me in successful shares trading as despite of all know-how and chanting Bach Flower remedies, I am unable to achieve success.

Naran What you need is stability. Chant “124875 124875” Write this in a paper and write the numbers as in a clock – circular way. Keep it with you and keep it under the pillow

Procedure The angel number given is a 12 digit number. Visualize a clock. For each hour in the clock, mentally we need to write a single digit. For example, ‘1’ at 12’ o clock, ‘2’ at 1’o clock, 4 at 2’o clock and so on. Start with first number, mentally place and say number clockwise and ending with the last number. Then start with the second number say all the numbers clockwise ending with the last number, shifting the starting number to the next number (248751 248751). The next number would be 487512 487512. Like this, every time, shift the starting number to the next number. This is one cycle. Do as many cycles as you can.

Benefits This number balances and activates our Root Chakra (Basic/Mooladhara Chakra). Our Root chakra has to function well, for us to have stability in life.


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