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A definite career change

R Mohan Dear Naran, You asked me to keep the number 369 (written on a paper and kept inside the purse), without giving me the reason behind it. For the first few days, I didn’t see any change. So I wrote “RELEASE RESISTANCE 369”. Then it started working like a magic. Firstly, I noticed I was able to say a soft ‘NO’ without worry or anxiety from my side and not offending the opposite person in a rude voice. Secondly, I noticed I am focused intently on my tasks – increasing my productivity. Thirdly, I started enjoying listening to music. Fourthly, I am sure, it will lift the career scale which was going down and lifting to heights I haven’t scaled before. To give an example, I had been trying to work out an assignment with my friend for last three years and nothing materialized. Soon after keeping the 369 angel with me, I have found two opportunities for him – where I can play a role. Of course, I started doing well in my existing mentor cum consulting role too. Thanks a ton. May be you can highlight how 369 has made the difference. For now, I feel this will take care of my career.

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