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The Bach Flower Remedy VineKey words Dominating, Ruthless, Ambitious, Totally Arrogant Message If you don’t know how to be a servant, you will always be bossed over Indications

  1. A Vine boss would claim, “I have absolute control over my staff”.

  2. You ask some questions to your boss, about the institution you are working for. Your Vine Boss would reply, “Don’t ask me any questions. Do what I say”.

  3. People become fearful, when they come.

  4. Ruthlessly disregard others

  5. Vine will have his way at any cost.

  6. Ruthlessly disregards the opinion of others.

  7. Everybody should dance to his tunes.

  8. The Vine person is cruel, pitiless without conscience.  He will instil fear in others.

  9. Can’t tolerate anyone contradicting him.

  10. He beats others.

  11. Vine father will develop fear in his child.  The means justifies the end.

  12. When you find it difficult to obey others

  13. A Vine child will not obey.Vine says…

  14. I am the ruler. You are the ruled.

  15. I can question anybody in authority and shake them.

  16. I impose my opinion on my children. My word is final for them.

  17. I keep my employees on their toes.

  18. I will accept what my superior say but with my subordinates, I impose my will.

  19. Others say that I impose my will and go into rage when contradictedUsage

  20. For any crisis situations, as it gives you a good presence of mind and tremendous will power to handle the crisis. Of course, take it only when there is a crisis.

  21. You are a man to be looked up to when there is a crisis, and a helping hand in crisis.

  22. At work when you are promoted and asked to lead others à Vine + Walnut for a month.

  23. To handle a dominant partner and in-laws, who squeeze too much of joy out of your life take à Centaury + Vine + Hornbeam. In these situations, you need to ask the questions: how to manage your life? How can you come out of this predicament? Whether you can come out? If you have the question how to initiate the process, then take à Cerato + Vine + Hornbeam + Centaury + Walnut.

  24. To manage arrogant and adamant children à Cerato + Centaury + Vine + Hornbeam + Walnut

  25. Your purpose in life is to lead others

  26. To use your presence of mind.

  27. Vine, Cherry Plum: I am becoming violent in my temperAilments

  28. Multiple sclerosis – Vine. Patches of degeneration in the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord.

  29. Anorexia – Rock water + Vine

  30. Sclerosis: (Sclerosis) the hardening of any part from the growth of fibrous tissues.

  31. Athero astero sclerosis: the hardening of arteries (elasticity is lost)

  32. Symptoms: disturbance of speech, vision and micturition and muscular weakness of limbs.

  33. Might be affected by passive – aggressive personality disorder, disruptive behaviour, disorders, especially conduct disorders and anti – social disorders.


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