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2 years struggle disappeared instantly with few hrs chanting


I regularly follow your youtube videos and blogs. When I came across the new switch words, I picked these two switchword combination (“Great Golden Change Now Here” and “Great Golden Peace Now Here”) and started chanting continuously. I am daily chanting now.

One of my relatives from US, called me couple of days back in the evening around 6 pm IST. After the usual greetings, he started pouring out his heart : “For the past 2 years, I am struggling to buy a house here. Brokers took my money and got cheated of couple of times. Absolutely no peace. What should I do to buy a house?”

(My entire family follow Naran Sir’s teachings.)

As I was chanting these switchwords daily, I gave him “Great Golden Change Now Here” and “Great Golden Peace Now Here” and asked him to chant it continuously.

He called me back again around 11 pm IST. I quickly picked his call. In the other end, I heard his voice bubbling with joy and happiness.

“No words can express my gratitude to you and the divine switch words. Like a mad person I chanted the switch words for the past 5 hours. I got a call from unknown number, when I answered it was from a person who was interested in selling his house. His house was in neighborhood. We all immediately visited there. The house was so peaceful, serene, and divine. Terms and conditions were simple and clear and we finalized the deal and initiated for the loan approval, fixed the registration date also. Before leaving, the owner shared with us that the house was blessed with the divine visit of many great souls. I could not ask for more. Finally, I am at peace and tonight I shall have a peaceful night. Thank you so much. ”

Naran Sir’s Comment:

Very good.

Change is followed by peace.

When the desired change occurs, you experience peace.

The same combination can be used

- When you are searching for the right bride/groom for your son or daughter

- From engagement till wedding completion

- For IVF treatments

- When you are searching for a job/ job transfer

- When you want to buy a house/land, but unable to buy it for a long time

In whichever part of your life, you need a change, chant these switch word combination.


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