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180 Degree turnaround of My Life

Uma Balakrishnan Dear Naran, This is a letter of thanks for the 180-degree turn-around in my life after I have come into your healing network. Externally, nothing in my life has changed. Like for the rest of us, each day comes with a different set of problems and challenges. Yet, internally I am no more the frail, victim - consciousness person. I am fully empowered today as I connect more and surrender more to the Divine. I have my chants, mantras, switch words, Bach remedies, gem remedies, various healing techniques. These are my constant companions for the day as yet another day starts. Not to mention the audio CDs that empowers me as I learn the true meaning of self-love! A round of NAMASHIVAYAM removes a body pain and a lilting OM NAMO NAARAYANAAYA is the circuit breaker for me when I feel something pull me down! And there is always the queen of remedies - RESCUE REMEDY, that is so subtle and yet so powerful! A fortnight ago, I was cleaning the kitchen shelf when one of the wooden racks fell to the floor, leaving a deep gash on the outside of my small toe. There was profuse bleeding and my family felt that the wound was deep and required a few sutures! However, all I did was to remain calm and kept chanting RESCUE REMEDY like a mad person and soaked my feet in the RESCUE REMEDY water. Within 15 minutes there was no pain, no blood, and no need for sutures! Thanks once again, Regards To buy the Audio CDs – Namashivayam and Om Namo Naarayanaaya, please check out the link:


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