Your past can haunt you

Updated: May 10, 2020

Beware! Your past can come back and haunt you, if you don’t forgive!

Rajan around 45 years became jobless suddenly and he had to search for a new job. He applied for the job in a group company in which he had served earlier for 10 years from the age of 21. Interview was over. He was shortlisted and informed that he can expect the appointment order soon. During the (candidate) verification process, it was found that he had some altercation with his ex-supervisor and resigned. Since he was not given clean chit by his ex-superior, who is still in that company, he could not get his new job.

“Naran, if I had known this earlier. I would have done the forgiving exercise” he told me. I asked him to do the forgiving exercise 101 times a day for the next one month. He did like this, “I Rajan forgive you my ex-boss. Please forgive me and release me”.

He did this for more than 10 days. He was again got a call from his ex-company, but this time from some other division. This time Rajan’s ex-boss gave an ok feedback.

Rajan has secured the job successfully.

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