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You Can Achieve It by Divine Grace

Updated: May 31, 2023

Naran Take the flower remedies CHICORY and GORSE each 2 pills two times a day. Chant "OPEN ALIGN RESONATE with the divine" 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
MR. PS. I am taking gorse and chicory pills every day two times and chanting open, align, resonate with the divine everyday 300 to 400 times and drinking water every morning as suggested by you. One miraculous experience is that I chanted "SWEET CHESTNUT, WILD ROSE, CHESTNUT BUD, ROCK ROSE" 108 times at about 12 o clock. Within two hours rain started and it is continuously raining in Mumbai. I am wondering and astonished about your knowledge. I am confident that whatever you have suggested will bring good results. When? Only god knows.
Naran Yes, we have to wait patiently for the divine grace. Daily in the morning say three times "I thank the divine grace for .... “ (Fill it up with your desire as if it has already happened) and forget about it. For example:
I thank the divine grace for getting this job.
I thank the divine grace for giving me a life partner.
I thank the divine grace for getting me a promotion.
I thank the divine grace for getting me a higher salary.
I thank the divine grace for bringing in harmony (at home/office).
I thank the divine grace for bringing down my BP.
I thank the divine grace for keeping me fully energetic and active

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