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Work towards a great job

Updated: Mar 7

For interview

  1. WATER VIOLET, LARCH - to have self-confidence

  2. ELM - to answer any unexpected question; to fill up the requirement for a particular job

  3. AGRIMONY – mental turbulence repressed behind a cheerful smiling face

  4. GENTIAN – if you think about previous failure or pessimistic to heal expectation of failure

  5. WILD ROSE – to feel enthusiastic

After the interview

  1. HONEY SUCKLE - not to think about what happened in the interview

  2. ASPEN + GENTIAN + WILD ROSE - if you are expecting a call

For work-related stress

  1. RESCUE REMEDY - always take it

  2. OLIVE - physical tiredness due to overwork

  3. HORNBEAM – morning feeling unmotivated to go to work

  4. VERVAIN + WHITECHESTNUT + HORNBEAM – unable to switch off after the office work

Meeting the deadlines

  1. Always pushed for time , therefore skipping important work - SCLERANTHUS + VERVAIN + IMPATIENS + HORNBEAM + RESCUE REMEDY

  2. No time for social life – VERVAIN + WILD ROSE

  3. Everyday given extra work, unable to say “No” , Unable to go home in time – CHICORY + CENTAURY + VERVAIN  + WILLOW


  1. Monday I dread to go to work – HORNBEAM

  2. Too much interference in my work – CENTAURY + WILLOW + IMPATIENS + CHERRY PLUM

  3. My colleagues are slow in completing the work – CHERRY PLUM + IMPATIENS

  4. Unable to delegate –OAK+WATERVIOLET+ HORNBEAM

  5. Working more willingly but unable to prioritize my work – VERVAIN, SCLERANTHUS

  6. I find my work too much, I need a holiday – VERVAIN + ROCK WATER


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