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Work Life Balance

Student: How to have a work-life balance in a competitive and demanding IT job? Every day working 12~16 hours. No leave or holidays. Absolutely no personal life.

It is very difficult to bring in the balance, if every month you are highly dependent on the money you earn. If security is the value, you have opted, you have to slog like a slave. Software people ignore their health – it is a sort of self-denial. Most of the time, they just carry on with junk food, tea or coffee. physically, the body is not nourished, mentally stress has its effect on the body.

Flower remedies: Vervain, Rockwater and Olive will find a way out to be healthy.

Working 12 hours cannot be a problem, provided you love the work you do. If you think that you are doing the work for the sake of money – “I cannot leave the job”, “otherwise, I will quit” these thoughts will further make you think that you are highly stressed. The work life balance cannot happen.

To do the work smartly, get involved in the work and find time, take the flower remedies Waterviolet, Oak, Chestnutbud.

Put the pills in water and keep on sipping. The first combination, you can take while in the house and the second one in the office.

Chant why do I love the work I do. (When you find time.)

If during anytime, if there is too much tension, at the time, take Rescue Remedy.

Keep sipping the water once in 10 minutes.

When you go to sleep, thank the body for co-operating.

Say the organ name and say I am sorry please forgive me I love you I thank you.

This will relax.


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