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Wolf the Friend, Reiki the Saviour

Roopa Yes friends. WOLF is my best friend. Only because of him, I could attend the Reiki Past-Life healing classes at Chennai. The story goes like this: It was almost over, only 4 days left for the class. Tuesday morning, I had not found a place to stay in Chennai. I am new to Chennai and have no friends or relatives in Chennai. Spoke to Shobana madam requesting for some arrangement for stay. But till that day, nothing worked out. Suddenly, sitting at office around 11-00a.m. got reminded of WOLF, our great friend. Instantly, I prayed to WOLF:

  1. Please help me find a suitable place to stay within my budget.

  2. Help me to get the permission from my husband to go to Chennai.

  3. Help me to get some way of transportation to reach Chennai, as there was long week-end holiday ahead. And lo, within next 48 hrs, everything got arranged.

  4. Got a PG to stay with the help of Shobana madam.

  5. Got the permission from my husband.

  6. Got my ticket to travel by Special buses arranged by KSRTC. Superb, was the class which came as a blessing for me from the UNIVERSE. Probably, nowhere else we might get such enlightenment. Thanks to NARAN, channel of Lord Narayan in the form of human being, to exchange the love and light energy to the HUMAN KIND.


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