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Winning Ways

My past failures are holding on to me I am trying to find a new job and I am meeting some obstacles within myself. Here are the themes:

  1. Not feeling I have the skill set to apply to the positions I know in my heart that I desire for.

  2. Not feeling smart enough even though I am graduated from a top school.

  3. I remember past failures, even though I have an outstanding memory.

  4. Feeling like that I cannot get good references.

  5. Not feeling valuable or that I can make as much money as I know I deserve for my work.

  6. Feeling judged for even wanting to rise to a higher position (glass ceiling).

  7. I regret my past failures in school despite outstanding reviews for the past 4 years. It is quite irrational but is having a real affect on my ability.

  8. Is there a mantra that can work for me? I am committed to getting out of this rut from the inside out.

  9. Additionally, I am always somehow short on funds even though I know with some certainty that I can maintain a balanced checkbook. Little things always happen to take it away.


ExplanationElm: will expand your capabilities that are required for your growth and promotions in your endeavors. Larch: Boosts your self-confidence (for success) Honey Suckle: Not to regret in the past, and not to be held by the past. Instead, move forward in life. Gentian: Not to be down due to setbacks. Instead use them as feedback and lessons to be learned. Hornbeam: Not to get stuck up and move forward


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