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Winning Switch Words Part III

NaranSwitch Word(s)DescriptionOnNot getting stuck up in a situation No interruptions Get creative ideas Stay alert and awake when you work during late nightsOffSleep wellReachFind the lost articleReach Divine OrderTo come out of long-held negative beliefsRelease ResistanceIf healing doesn't happen even after several attempts add these switch words to the healing combination of remedies (during chanting)/ switch wordsRelease Resistance Find Buyer Count Now DoneTo find a buyer for your property hasn’t yielded any results even after many efforts. Buyer is not a switch word.Slow CareWise people act slowly and carefully, so to become wise these switch wordsStretch OnTo able to continue doing the task you are currently doing comfortably, especially when you are tiredThanksTo show attitude of gratitudeTogetherTo work out a good relationship with others Have a balanced mind Get co-operation from colleagues To find resolution and resolve conflict with othersTogether Find Centre Divine LoveTo find love within and in-turn attract love in your lifeTogether DivineTo improve relationship with your spouse Bring peace into the family when there is on-going quarrelTogether Find Divine LoveAttract love and peopleTogether Find Divine Order Count Now OnTo get a salary hike To find money and order out of a situationTogether Reach Divine Love CentreAttain Soul LoveUPTo manage your depressionWithTo become compatible with a personWhyIt’s an afformation. You ask the brain why something you want has happened. It will find that out for you and make it happen.

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