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Winning Switch Words Part I

NaranSwitch Word(s)DescriptionADJUSTTo adjust comfortably to a situationBEBe in good healthBOW CONCEDETo surrender to the situation that is unsolvable and eventually win over itBOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINETo stop in-fighting within the house/ teamCANCELCancel your worries/ behaviour/ tendenciesCLEARClear your obstaclesCHANGETransition to a new situation/ environment, new placeCHANGE DIVINE ORDERRestoring your health, Reduces painCreate a peaceful atmosphere Clean up garbage Change to divine orderCONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE BE FIND DIVINE ORDER NOW DONETo be in optimal healthCONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE ORDER Manage un-manageable situationsCONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVETo shower/ find love among your friends, family and relativesCONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH <name of the person>To improve your communication and love with a specific person (say the name of the person after the switch words)DIVINEBy magicDIVINE ONExcel in studies/ jobDIVINE ORDERTo find order in a situation, to make everything fall into placeDONEGet it done, and complete a taskELATETo get an upbeat mood


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