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Why to detach yourself from your desires and goals

Updated: Feb 27

Naran S Balakumar

How to detach oneself from the intention? OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM OM Our human tendency is that we will not remain quiet. We want the results immediately. When you detach, good things will start happening. After chanting the mantras, one has to put the effort. Fulfilment part is done by the mantra. Effort has to be done by us and detach yourself from the result of the effort. SIDDHA SIDDHYO SAMO BOOTHVA KURU KARMAANI” – means that you do your work without expecting any result and keep your mind in the state of equanimity. You can achieve this state (of equanimity) by the mantra, “OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM OM If you are alone in the house, you can also dance and chant it.


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