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Why this discrimination against girls?

MenakaI have a general question. Ladies is facing plenty of problems in life from childhood. Gents are also facing but less compared to ladies. From childhood a girl should be safe in all areas of life. If married responsibilities increases. Also, hearing bad words under circumstances, if marriage is delayed, child-birth is delayed. Society will say that a girl is unlucky. I have said only examples and many more are there. For example, at the age of 45 also a boy is married as a first marriage / second marriage. But, in case of ladies how many are ready to marry a girl at the age of 45, for the same first marriage/second marriage. Is it a curse to be born as a girl? Girls are equal to boys and studying well, earning etc. But, in particular cases enjoying less freedom in the society, compared to boys. Just remembering these words of Mahatma Gandhi: “We get full independence only when a girl can walk in the midnight wearing plenty of jewels and safe in all aspects”. After so many years of independence also it has not been fulfilled. Tomorrow is an Independence Day (for India) and hence this question.

NaranThank you. Why should I see and feel sorry for the problems? Or why don’t I see the good in the same society and feel happy. Whatever is happening in the world is just an event. We judge any event by categorizing it as bad or good. We are not taught to see good in bad too. When anything happens to our dislike or when anything disturbs our peace, fill up that event with love by just chanting “FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE”. Forgiving the person will make you think that every person is directed by the Divine will. If every person is directed by God, why should I meddle with the divine will? I extend my love to him. If I can send the energy of love from the heart which is open because of forgiveness, I thank the Divine for this revelation – new thinking. Thanking any person – a state of gratitude - unites your mind with the Divine. You will BE one with the Divine flow - TOGETHER BE DIVINE and be blessed.


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