Why should we heal when divine is the doer

Updated: May 10


Why should we heal when divine is the doer


If everything that happens is pre-written as you say in your workshops then why do you conduct workshops on healing techniques? If everything is pre-willed as per your statement, why do I need to heal myself?


We should understand that we do not know what is pre-written. Divine grace is beyond what has been written. Sometimes, divine re-writes what was written. Alternatively, it may erase what was written and write something totally new. Divinity Intervenes… Also, the divine grace might act without our calling too. It can act even when we call it too. Therefore, instead of remaining helpless, brooding and wailing over situations, we should call and pray for a divine intervention.

Healing is nothing but asking the divine to intervene. Healing means action. It is done without expectation. In Saankya Yoga (Sloka45) Lord Krishna said, “Nir Yoga Kshe’ma Atmavan Bava”. It means one has to align oneself with the soul to remain calm and composed.


Does that mean I need not do anything? ........... continued in the next post.......


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