Why Mumbai Indians consistently failed in IPL match?

In IPL, mumbai indians team has lost all matches.

They have won IPL cup 5 times in the past.

Why they lost this time?

In each match, their focus was on winning that match.

All 11 players were under constant pressure to win the game.

Their focus was not on batting or bowling or fielding efficiently, but anxious only about winning the game.

Their consistent failure shows anxiety has taken precedence over their performance in the game.

Our learning:

When anxiety takes precedence over the action, you are bound to fail.

What is performance anxiety?

When doing a work, if your mind is fixed on the results, your performance becomes poor.

Life situations

1. To pass an exam to get promoted, or to get a seat in foreign university etc

2. Unable to find right bride/groom after many attempts, one becomes desperate to fix somehow each enquiry

3. People who go for IVF treatment, constantly anxious about the results

When your focus is on the result, your action will not produce the result you want.

When does one become anxious?

When you want the desired results, you become anxious because focus you only on results and not on your actions which results in effectual efforts.

Remedies to overcome performance anxiety

Bach flower remedy combination of Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Rockrose, Impatiens, Cherryplum will help you to come out of performance anxiety.

Scleranthus - Ineffectual work

Gentian - Focusing too much on results

Gorse - Repeated failures

Rockrose - Fear

Impatiens - Losing ability to perform well

Cherryplum - For losing mental control

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