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White Light Group: Its Life changing - Success stories 5

I would like to share another experience.

A new power symbol and a Savitri mantra was given in the White Light Group.

What ever was mentioned in the symbol how it will help you I never intended that.

I got attracted to the symbol and Savitri line instantly.

I used new power symbol and the Savitri line for 21 days.

I am an actress I get paid only if I shoot.

So without any intention I started using symbol and chanted Savitri mantra as guided.

I worked 25 days in month of August.

This month I worked for 26 days.

Feeling very positive.

I have started paying my debts also.which I was not able to pay.

Thank you sir for this new power symbol.its life changing.

To join Naran Sri's White Light Group, october 2023, check the following link.

To read other success stories, click the following link


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