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Which emotion should be treated first?

NaranFour different types of emotions one might feel in pain: FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS or WORRY. At any point of time, only one emotion will predominantly occupy our mind. How do I decide which emotion has to be handled? Find out in a scale of ten, which emotion is rated higher. Deal with that emotion first. Thus do the following steps: Step One Find out the persistent emotion group: Fear group – ASPEN, MIMULUS, RED CHESTNUT, ROCK ROSE Anger group – CHERRY PLUM, WILLOW, VINE, HOLLY, CHICORY, BEECH Worry group – AGRIMONY, WHITE CHESTNUT, HONEY SUCKLE, PINE Sadness group – MUSTARD, GENTIAN, GORSE, WILLOW, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, WILD ROSE, SWEET CHESTNUT For other emotions, there are some more remedies. In total there are 38 remedies excluding RESCUE REMEDY which is a combination of some remedies. Step Two Within that, several emotions can be classified. Deal with the most important emotion you feel. If you are having, multiple emotions then address them on different times. For example, address one in the morning, other one in the afternoon and the next one in the evening. To know more on how to heal yourself using Bach Flower Remedies attend one of the Bach Flower Workshops by Naran S Balakumar.


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