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When teacher is ready, student will appear

R MohanTwo years back I just got my assignment with a company got over. I was reluctant to do any work, wanting to take a break. That time, one day my neighbor knocked my doors. He asked me whether I would be willing to help a Computer Science Engineering Graduate, who couldn’t cope with his studies. I took it as a challenge as the subject is my bread and butter. What I found about the student though was, an exact replica of me – when I was studying school. Like me, he was rebellious, taking his own path, even though the results didn’t justify his actions. So, I had great difficulty managing him. I consulted Naran, who asked me to do Past-Life Healing putting my experiences as a student and my father’s resources as a teacher into the Silver Triangle. My father – a retired government servant is teaching Hindu scriptures for the last twenty years for his group of friends in our local park. So, Naran wanted me to use his teaching skills to do well in my assignment. I did and within a span of two months, my student started mends himself and took steps to improve his academic performance. The interesting thing is I studied engineering during that period of 18 months. I am a BCOM graduate and always felt bad that I didn’t do engineering. So, this experience has fulfilled that need of mine. I also wrote his name using Power Life Symbol-2 (Slow Care), which helped him to realize what he has to do in order to be successful. Even though his parents think that I have helped him to do well, I guess he came to my life to heal my past as a student.


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