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What is Karma, Fate?

Updated: May 10, 2020

NARAN Sir´s explanation on 

Golden Dawn Now here

What is Karma, Fate?

Karma – is action

Fate – a form of divine will or divine order.

In other words, Fate is Kaalam (Time) which is a greater force.  Karma and fate does not have any connection.

We don’t know when Kaalam would act or how it would act.  

When some unexpected /unfavourable thing happens in life, how to handle it?

We should handle it like Lord Rama.

The next day was Pattabhishekham, the previous night Rama was asked to leave to forest for 14 years. Lord Rama was in no way the reason for any of these happenings. If we were in Rama’s position, we would have resisted saying it’s my birthright. Though Lord Rama agreed to fulfil his father’s vow (which acted as a tool or an arrangement of Fate) if we see deeply we can understand Lord Rama did not have any resistance to accept the decision.

Bharatha met his guru Vasishtar and expressed his displeasure and sorrow. Vasishtar explained that “Bharatha, you are not the reason for any of these happenings. Kaalam (Fate) has somehow made you as a King and you had never aspired to become a king. Currently, the country does not have a king to rule, so you should accept this situation.”

Fate/Kaalam intervenes in our lives now and then to make us accept the situation.

As per Valmiki Ramayana, Lord Rama never knew he was avatar of Lord Vishnu. People around him used to remind him the purpose of his birth, then he would do the actions to fulfil his avatarhood.  When Rama met Sugriva, he gave a vow to enthrone him as a king.  Lord

Rama was an important tool in killing Vaali. Only when someone creates a problem to Rishis or Rama himself, then he fights them. When Sugriva and Vaali were fighting, Rama decided not to fight directly but to support Sugriva from behind. Vaali had a boon to get the power of his opponent whoever fought in front of him. So, Fate made Rama to choose to kill Vaali from behind which is a loophole of Vaali’s boon. Kaalam arranged the situation and Lord Rama chose the higher dharma of fulfilling his vow than to killing Vaali from behind (lower dharma).

Dharma has a scale ie. Higher dharma and lower dharma. When there is a dilemma between two dharmas, one has to adopt whichever is the higher dharma. There is no unique dharma. In a given situation, one dharma will be higher dharma and the other will be less powerful or lower dharma.

Dharma says Rishis and Brahmins not to eat meat. (Higher dharma). But when there is no food available and only meat is available to save life, the same dharma states meat can be eaten to save one’s life.

Golden Dawn Now here

When Kaalam/ fate puts us in an unexpected situation in life, we have to accept it. We should continuously pray to show us the good within each event. Pray to Divine to provide the knowledge which exists within everything. When we start understanding things that are not known to us, we feel happy.  That happiness is "Golden Dawn" and when it should happen? It should happen "Now here". "Golden Dawn Now here" is to bring that knowledge/light now here immediately.


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