Weight loss MP3 audio - My experience is awesome

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Mrs Radha of chennai has been listening to the weight loss cd, day for the last three months.

She has written a mail to Naran:

I listened to the weight loss cd, while working, for two hours.

I felt lot of things happen in the body, like small cramps.

After the session, I had to go to the rest room at least a few times, had loose motions, water and gas. I felt really light after this.

This happened for the first few days.

After 15 days, my weight started coming down.

I am losing almost 2 to 3kgs per month.

I feel changes in my way of living also. I feel more inclined towards exercise and feel less lethargic towards doing. It has become regular.

I restarted my yoga as well as walking.

I did tapping also, whenever I could while listening to the Cd.

That experience is really awesome.

Thank you Naran sir.

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