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The following case history is picked from the “Strengthening Your Relationship Cords” Manual. There is one person who comes here regularly for learning Yoga. Shobana taught that lady the mantra, “I am sorry, please forgive me, Love Thanks Divine“. That lady has got two children, one male child of 10 yrs old, and another one, a girl of 6 yrs old. One day, there was some quarrel between the two children and the boy bit his sister out of anger. The lady got angry and beat him severely. She felt guilty for beating the boy because so far she has not hit her children. However, as instructed by Shobana, she was continuing the chanting of “I am sorry” mantra for more than a week, after that incident. Around 9 PM, when they were in the bed, her son came over to her and told her, “I am sorry Mummy. Please forgive me, Love”. The child stopped with word “Love”. Next day the lady came and told Shobana what had happened. I told Shobana that this was due to the cords, as through them we transmit our thoughts to others. The child just said “I am sorry, please forgive me, love”. He did not say thanks and divine because Child is nothing but divine and divine is always in gratitude. Divine alone knows how to give, while we seem to only know how to take only. That is why, we should always approach divine with a sense of gratitude. We should first prostrate (do Namaskar). Then we should supplicate to the Divine. We should thank first, and only then we should ask from the divinity.


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