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Water Treatment

Preparing Remedy Water Take a glass of water and chant the names of the remedies (switch words, or mantras) for as many times as you can (minimum 100 times), while holding the glass. Give that water to the concerned person.  You can also take the water. If the concerned person is staying outside the city, then spray the water on photograph of him. Or take the photograph and chant the mantra.

If you want to give it everybody in the family, pour this water in the common drinking water. Chant over a cup of water of coffee or tea and drink it or give to concerned persons daily. Chant remedies over a cup of water and spray on the walls of the entire house or on the floor.

Bottle treatment Buy remedies from any homeopathy shop or from the centre. Put 6 pills of each in a 200 ml water bottle. Have small sips from that water every one hour. Before taking the sips, shake the bottle ten times.

Remedies in Liquid Form Take the liquid. Put 2 or 3 drops of each remedy in 200 ml water. If you are going to take only one remedy then put 5 or 6 drops instead. Take the water 6 to 7 times in a day. Keep the liquid in the fridge. Otherwise, it will evaporate over a period of time.

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