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Universe will take care of you

Srividya I have polycystic ovaries problem. I am taking homeopathy medicine for that. Can I try something else to speed up the process of recovery? And I have lots of negative thinking and I always keep thinking about health and I have fear of diseases. This started 2 years back. Because of this even if I have a small symptom I Google and scare myself that I have some big disease. After reading your blogs I found (Bach Flower Remedy) Mimulus is a probable remedy. I started chanting the remedy yesterday but my right thigh started having tingling sensation. What does this signify? What can I do to become a positive person and not keep thinking about health?

Naran For you, you can take Mimulus daily three pills six times a day. It is a Bach flower remedy available in all homeopathy shops. Any tingling sensation in thighs means “Ignore and move ahead. Have faith in the universe" What is the difference between fear and faith? Fear tells you that something bad is going to happen. Faith tells you that something good will be happening soon. Convert your fear into faith. 


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