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Ultimate protection for Women – Animal Spirit (NEW)

Updated: Mar 7

A boon for all women.

Stay protected from the robbers, mob assaulters, sexual abusers.

Life situation

1. When traveling alone, carry the picture of Panda to stay protected.

2. Women who face sexual abuse at workplace, carry picture of panda.

3. Girl children who face ragging or bullying in college or school, carry picture of panda.

4. In a group, when you suspect someone purposefully targeting you and harming you physically or verbally, pray to panda, animal spirit energy.

5. When boss targets you and takes undue advantage of your situation, carry the picture of panda.

6. To stay out of focus of assaulters/attackers in a mob/group .

In addition to carrying the panda picture, pray to Panda.

How to pray to Animal spirit Panda?

Daily intend “Panda, put your white and black body color in my energy field for next 12 hours”.

Panda animal spirit helps you and the other person to attract light (good quality) from each other.


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