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Tried many but nothing worked

Blogger I was looking for some positive mantras and switch words in the Google and accidently found out your blog, which turned out to be lucky for me. I am a 22 year old guy and believer of spiritual things and miracles by the divine from an early period. But as of now, my life took a different turn. I always wanted to become a musician as because I consider this to be more than anything in my life. But, as years are passing by, my dreams of becoming a musician are fading away. I can see my studies and my sister (my family) on one side and my dreams on the other side. I am trying hard but I do not see myself standing as a musician. Neither can I sing well (no matter how much I try) nor play the guitar like a good musician (playing it from last 4 years) It may not be a big problem in comparing with the other problems that I have read in this blog…but for me fulfilling my dreams is like finding out the secret to eternal happiness…

Naran Chant “OAK” Write OAK in a notebook also 50 times daily

Explanation Working harder is not enough. Work smarter says Oak.  The Bach Flower Remedy OAK will make you work smarter.


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