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Treating the Pain in the Bottom with Bach Flower Remedies

Treatment based on Mind Body Relationship Analyzing the problem based on messages from Body and treating those mental causes with Bach Flower Therapy. Sita falls down and gets pain in her bottoms. Sita: While coming down the stair case, I slipped and fell down. I feel intense and unbearable pain my buttocks and extending to legs.  No posture is comfortable to me, as I could neither sit on a chair nor lie down. Naran: What is the unbearable situation you are facing now? Sita: You know my husband. Today morning his started criticizing me, which was vehement in nature, and unbearable too. His words make me fell weak; as though something is breaking inside me. No human being of worthwhile nature can tolerate this. I am just controlling myself from getting angry, because he has given my father a loan of 7 lakhs rupees. I feel hurt and insulted. There is no respect for me, in my house. Naran: To get respect, you could have shouted him back. Sita: I don’t want to do that. Naran: Why? Is there is any fear? Sita: I don’t have any. If he behaves like an animal, it doesn’t mean I should go down to his level. Naran: What is your Right Now mental state? Sita: What wrong have I done? My pain is so terrible. I will never discuss my problem with anybody, because if it is known to my husband – fear of being exposed, then there will be problems again and I will be hurt and mentally broken again. Naran: Why do you feel broken? Sita: I am a disciplined person. I do all my responsibilities on time. I am so duty conscious that I wake up very early in the morning, do yoga, take a morning walk, do meditation and complete the cooking before 8 A.M. And I am so happy doing it. I have never failed in my household work. I am doing it so religiously, and happily. I don’t see TV as I don’t feel like seeing it; I just read books. I am criticized for that too. According to him I am a “Zero”. There is no recognition or appreciation from him. Naran: Why don’t you communicate your feelings to him? Sita: No. The moment I start expressing my feelings, he will burst out and find fault with every word of mine. He will imagine different meanings to whatever I say. To avoid any further quarrel, I read books (fear of being hurt). Naran: Do you fear confrontation? Sita: No, I just don’t want to quarrel with him. It is below my dignity to do so and it is not right to do so. Living in this situation is so repressing, and so choking that sometimes I used to think, “Why should I stay here? Why not I go out and stay alone, and be peaceful.” Naran: Then what stops you from going out? Sita: I feel duty bound. As a wife, I have to fulfill my duty. If I go away or stay somewhere, it is not the dharma for a wife. In our society, it is not at all possible. I am ready to make sacrifices and compromises, just to make sure things are peaceful. Naran: Please describe your pain. Sita: I am not able to sit down or lie down. The pain is on the buttocks, and extending to legs. It is unbearable. Naran: Chant Rock Water, Cherry Plum, Scleranthus, and Pine as much as possible.

Feedback The next day morning Sita phoned up, and stating that she is totally free from the pain. Naran’s Analysis Key Words of Rock water: Discipline, Duty, Sacrifices, Compromises, Dharma (law of principles), Fear of being Exposed (also for pine); Disciplined; Fear of being hurt (also for pine); Fear of Falling Down in the eyes of others; I am uncomfortable. Pain on buttocks: mental cause is the thought “I can’t be here”. Contradictory messages: The legs are ready to move out, when it receives the message, “I want to go away and live outside”. But it stops moving, by inducing pain, when it receives the message, “I won’t move out, as it is not right” The confusion here is – whether to go out or not to go out – a conflict between principle and desire. This conflict between principle and need has resulted in a physical confusion – “No posture is comfortable to me – as I can neither sit on a chair nor lie down”. This indicates the flower remedy Scleranthus. Why should the patient fall down? When one tries to control feelings of anger or sadness citing dharma and value system, then the demands on self-control (Rock Water) will become too much and therefore the body loses self-control. As in this case, it has fallen down on the stairs. The inner conflict is very high with Sita. So she has fallen down. Losing self-control is Cherry Plum. The pain is unbearable – which indicates Cherry Plum too. After falling, the thought “What wrong I have done?” comes to her. It is the state of Pine. The whole episode is Rock Water turning into Cherry Plum and Scleranthus, and finally into Pine. The interesting point to note here: the patient says, “I will not go down to his level”. In other words, I will not fall down from my principles. The fear of falling down is very high, because the emotional turmoil of the patient is so much. The situation is so trying that she is afraid that she may have to forgo her principles in order to mentally survive. According to her, deviating from the principles is something similar to falling down from high places. That’s why she falls down (losing control) from the staircase, while coming down from the first floor.


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