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Too much to study but don't feel like studying

Updated: May 10, 2020


I am studying for CA. I have given the CA exam for 8 times but unable to clear. On the other hand, I was a merit student and cleared previous stages in one stroke.

I sleep too much during exams and this was not case before. One more problem is as exams comes near I get ill frequently.

Sometimes, I feel a voice saying inside me throw that book. Sometimes it gets so worse that I don’t feel like touching books or enter my study room.

I am trying to give my 100% but some or other distractions keep coming.

I am totally confused as to why my hard work is not paying off. I fail within few marks from pass in different subjects each time.

Naran Sir

Take the flower remedies ELM, OAK, GENTIAN and HONEY SUCKLE.

Write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

Chant “ELM, SLOW CARE” over a glass of water and drink it daily.


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1 comentario

ekta varshney
ekta varshney
29 mar 2022

Hello sir , i am CA final student.. Just 3 papers left...please share some remedy for concentration and to recall answers in exam December 2021 exams i got panic nd i forgot what i study. Please help

Me gusta
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