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To Go or Not to Go

Dr. Nilesh JaiswalI am pediatrician I have lot of questions needs to be asked to you for many of my patients but at present I will like to ask for me first. I am settled Pediatrician in my town and well-known also. My wife is also renowned gynecologist. But for my only child’s education we need to shift my wife and kid to a new big city. Now it’s like we both got separated i.e. my wife and my son got separated from me. So, we plan at least to start a new hospital in that city only. But the problem is as you know that my family (mother, father and uncles) they are saying, “Why you want to shift to a new city and start a new struggle. It’s better to remain here”. Now, I am in a mess. What to do? I wanted to shift and they don’t want me to do just because of fear of failure. Can you show me a way out of it? There are many problems in small kids which I think is psychological and needs no medical treatment. For them is there any mudra that I can do (for my patients)?

Naran You will be successful as a professional, wherever you go. Take the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS, GENTIAN and WALNUT – each two pills three times a day. When you want to shift and your family members object, think that your one part of the mind is raising the objection through your family members. List out their objections and mentally form a plan to handle these objections. In other words, one part of the mind is resisting. It needs the answer or explanation from the other part. Convince that part and your parents will change. When any child comes to the clinic, be in ACCEPTANCE MUDRA.

ExplanationOscillating mind: SCLERANTHUS Fear of failure: GENTIAN Fear of transition: WALNUT If the doctor is in acceptance mudra when the patient comes in, the patient will have total trust in him: ACCEPTANCE MUDRA


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