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Those switch words were a miracle

GP I emailed you about my son-in-law’s problem at work. That same day I searched your blog for remedies. I found “DIVINE ORDER, PRAISE, CENTAURY, HOLLY, PINE, WILLOW”. I chanted for 3 days over the weekend and sure enough Casey his manager came and apologized for his behavior and is respecting him. Wow! I could not believe it!! Thank you so much, those switch words were a miracle. You are godsend to us. This is an update. Thank you again for putting those switch words on your blog.

Explanation When somebody criticizes you and you want the person stop doing it: PRAISE To bring justice: DIVINE ORDER Being an associate you have to put up with your boss: CENTAURY So you feel hatred: HOLLY You have resentmenttowards your boss: WILLOW For feeling low (esteem): PINE


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