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The right way to chant

Naran S Balakumar Chanting is the tool. The mind should be on chanting and not on the end result. One should understand that human beings cannot achieve anything with his own limited knowing. One should just wish and release it to the divine field for completion. Your constant worry or anxiety prevents your wish to enter the divine field. Release all your anxiety and just chant. Release all your worries, fears and surrender to the supreme divine. Pray, “Oh DIVINE! I ASPIRE, DETACH and SURRENDER. FULFILIF IT IS THY ORDER”.

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Fight over Maternal property

If there is a fight over MATERNAL property among sisters, brothers Chant daily 108 times Durga Durgama Doshavarjitha Duraachaara Shamani. Or play the audio two times daily in a low volume.


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