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The permanent change factor

NaranLife is nothing but adjustment and comprise. The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut - the 21st Century Magic Pill helps you to achieve that effortlessly. In addition, WALNUT completes any type of healing. It has a place of its own in healing arena. In this Age of Change, it’s the Elixir of Life. Keywords: to Change, to Move, Adjust, Circulate Age of Change With the key word Change, how many life situations can be addressed? Change means to become a different person based on the hour of need and to Move from one phase to another phase (Transition)

  1. I am not able to change my residence. I wanted to Move closer to my office.

  2. Change Into means to become. For example, I want my son to become studious says a mother of a child. Both mother and son should take WALNUT. When we expect the change in some other person, then we are in Walnut state.

  3. To change a person thoroughly, for example to come out of addiction, WALNUT is the base remedy.

  4. When one is forced to frequently change jobs: WALNUT

  5. When you want some diversion, when you feel bored, you need a change: WALNUT


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