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I learnt Bach flower remedies from a different institution in Chennai and the cost for course was Rs.10,000/. I was part of their whats-app group as well. One of the group members called me up and introduced me to reachnaran and Reachlotus website and asked me to meet Naran Sir to explore more on Bach flowers. I am grateful to him for introducing me to Naran Sir.

I visited reachnaran website and it is an ocean of wisdom. Contacted Shobana mam for appointment with Naran Sir.

My previous teacher used to get angry, whenever I raised a question/doubt in my earlier classes, and I had to restrain/limit my questions to avoid being shouted at.

I had an apprehension how Naran Sir would deal with my queries, how would he treat me, will I be shouted at??? etc;

Looked into reachnaran website for handling this situation, Picked the Switch word combination FIND DIVINE ORDER from the website and chanted sincerely till my appointment date.

On the appointment day, I continued my switchword chanting as well. Reached Bach flower center, chennai and met Naran Sir. I am flabbergasted with his non-judgemental approach, simplicity and kindness. Though I am from a middle-class family and could hardly use any sophisticated English words, found totally comfortable in discussion with Naran Sir. I felt wonderful and could immediately realize that the Switchwords has done its magic.

I wholeheartedly thanked Bach flowers, Switchwords, my friend who introduced me to the reachnaran website and my earlier Bach flower teacher as well. Had he not been angry in answering my questions, I would have never met Naran Sir.


Find Divine Order

To know what is in store for us, chant Find Divine Order.


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