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Taking Bach Flower Remedies

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

How to take Bach flower remedies?

How to take the remedies is most important. You can buy pills also.

Try 3 or 4 remedies – 3 times or 4 times.

Take 2 pills, melts in the mouth

Take the next one then the next one

Similarly take in the afternoon and night.

The effect is much faster than combining everything in water together. That is effective but slower. Do not combine 4 or 5 remedies. If you need 7, then take four every alternate day

e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

or for the first half of the day 4 remedies and the second half of the day 3 remedies. Anyhow zeroing on to 3 or 4 is better.

How do you select the remedies?

At a particular time you may think you need even 10 remedies, but see the predominant problem or emotion which is important to you now.


Out of 10, you eliminate 3 which are least important. out of 7, do the further elimination process. Eliminate the next unimportant 3.

Now Out of the 4 remedies remaining, give the mark i.e, 80%, 70% etc depending on your need. What scores the highest mark take it separately.

The remaining you can combine. In that manner you can zero in to 3 or 4 remedies.


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