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Take the transfer or lose your job


One situation, many reactions For a given situation, each one of us gets different thoughts. Let us go through them now. This is because each one of us reacts differently. Based on how we react and what thought that comes in the mind will determine selection of the Bach Flower remedies. Multiple thoughts might be present. But one thought would be persistent and pre-dominant. The required healing of the situation will happen when we treat that thought with the right remedy. Problem we are facing is solved immediately.

Different reactions Your boss says, ‘You accept this transfer or you have to lose this job”. Your reaction could be one of the following. Identify the suitable remedy. The answers are given in the end: Blaming: ‘Sundar is the cause of this problem’ - WILLOW Labelling: ‘My manager is a crook. He cannot take any right decisions. He is unfit to be a manager.’ - BEECH Cannot say no: ‘I have to accept the transfer because I cannot say “no” or ‘I don’t want to get a bad name’ - CENTAURY Indecision: “One time, I want to say ‘yes’ for a transfer and another time, I want to say ‘no’.” - SCLERANTHUS Confused: Going around, meeting your colleagues and asking for their opinions. Some of them will ask you to accept the transfer and some will say not to accept it. You are unable to come to a conclusion. You are more confused than before - CERATO Misplaced anger: He did not say anything to his manager in the office. When he comes home, for no reason he burst with anger against his wife and children – CHERRY PLUM Arrogance: He challenges his manager by saying, “I will not accept this transfer and I will not go, you do whatever you want to do” - VINE Adjust: New place is always difficult for me. I am here for the last 20 years. I cannot go to a new place and adjust - WALNUT Crisis of confidence: Going there settling down, finding a school, all seem to be heavy on me. Too much at this age. I cannot go - LARCH Specific fear: “I have to accept, I cannot resign my job, because I have two children and their education is to complete. If I resign, I cannot run my family. I cannot repay my loan” - MIMULUS Hiding: When he goes home his wife asked about the transfer which he was talking for 3 months. He says, “Nothing, Let’s see” - AGRIMONY Masking: He will not disclose anything to anyone in the family, including his wife - AGRIMONY Constant Worry: In the night he could not sleep, because the same thought goes round and round in his mind – WHITE CHESTNUT


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