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Symbols to help forgive and get co-operation

Experience shared after using symbols

Sharing my personal experience using the switch words here.I have joined a new project in my office before 10 days and was having difficulty in managing to collect datas and produce the reports that was expected from the management. On Monday I also had a unpleasant conversation with my manager regarding this and was very upset. *I started chanting the switch words PELICAN, JELLYFISH, REVERSE, RESTORE, DIVINE which was given by Naran sir in the live session on Saturday,* I also did the forgiveness exercise for my manager. On Tuesday while travelling to the office I continued to chant the switch words, on reaching office my colleague who saw me upset offered to help me out with the data and the report was ready by evening and shared with all. My Manager also was happy with the report. I am thankful to Naran sir for giving the switch words, I felt that the words were meant for me to come out of this situation at Office.


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