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Symbols of Lakshmi

NaranAll symbols of Lakshmi are associated with benevolence and generosity. Meaning of generosity is, “Giving without grudging”. If one doesn’t have any anger or resentment he is generous.  If one is unforgiving, he is not generous. If one has got a forgiving attitude he has got generosity. We might have anger somewhere else, but it affects our abundance here, as there is connection between them. If you have a thanking attitude, you are called as a generous person. If you don’t have the three qualities – benevolence, forgiving, and thanking attitudes – then you don’t have generosity.

Why are they called symbols of Lakshmi? All symbols of Lakshmi show benevolence. Those symbols are Coconut, Banana, Thulasi, Mango and Betel leaves. They don’t receive anything. They just give. Thus, they are the symbols of Lakshmi. Coconut: we needn’t do harvest/farming for coconut. If you put a coconut seedling, it will grow by itself. But all the parts of it are useful. Similarly, are the cases of Banana and Thulasi. Beauty of Thulasi is that it will adapt to all seasons. Lakshmi is marked by two colors – one is red and another is green.Red is for creation of wealth, while Green is for distribution of wealth.


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