• Brilla Elsol

Switch Words for Success in Business

  • Generate Money : COUNT

  • Get very good business: TOGETHER DIVINE

  • Learn to be successful: SLOW CARE LEARN JUDGE LISTEN

  • Sell anything: GIVE

  • Get compliments from clients: PRAISE

  • Get Creative Ideas : ON

  • To be a good mechanic : CONSIDER

  • To meet a deadline: NOW DONE

  • Reduce Expenses : CUT

  • Expenses within budget: MIMULUS

  • Solve a problem: REACH

  • Get clients: FIND

  • No regrets and no failure - Everything leads to Success : THANKS DIVINE ORDER

  • To stop fault-finding with customers and employees : PRAISE

  • To get co-operation from your workers : HORSE

  • For continuous progress : MOVE ON

  • Eliminate Procrastination: DO

  • To advertise : SCHEME

  • To secure publicity : RIDICULOUS

  • Handle Difficult Customers : REVERSE BE TINY BOW CONCEDE

  • To know what is the next step : NEXT

  • Remove clutter in office: CHANGE DIVINE ORDER

  • To manage difficult situations: CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE

  • To stop thinking about work after a heavy work in the office : QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX

  • Accept the situation as is : ADJUST

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