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Surprise finance package

Ms. Iyer On this most auspicious Gurupoornima, please accept our deep felt gratitude for guiding us out of several critical situations in life. We sailed through them as if we were protected by the Divine grace. Thank you! Last month, I mentioned that we were concerned about meeting the monthly expenses without my husband’s pay. I continued to write the switch words, “DIVINE FIND COUNT” every day, In addition, we were chanting the mantra, “OM GAM GANAPATHAYAE NAMAHA”. Much to our surprise, my husband’s former employer deposited a pay check in the account, to pay for this unused leave.  We also received a tax refund, much to our surprise. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Naran The mantra “OM GAM GANAPATHAYAE NAMAHA” will stabilize the Basic Chakra and one will get money.


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