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Suffering from knee stiffness

Ganga Eswaran One of my students, aged 59 years, is suffering from severe knee stiffness on her right knee. Sometimes it shifts to left knee too. She has already learnt Reiki in Bombay. She has also learnt pranic healing. Which mantra or which Bach Flower Remedy can be given to her? She is already taking allopathic medicine. Can you please suggest?

Naran There is an Ayurvedic product Danvantri Kulambu, sold in Ayurvedic shops. Ask her to apply it, daily on the knees and wash it with hot water after half an hour. In addition, she needs to do the following: Knees: (ask her to question within herself) in which areas of life she is inflexible? Love is more important than any principles. Let her chant, “Let divine love manifest within and around me". Let her take Bach flower remedies ROCK WATER, WALNUT and HORNBEAM. Ask her to extend her thanks to her parents. If she does not have good relationship with her parents, ask her to do the forgiving exercise.

Explanation Rock Water: to reduce stubbornness and be flexible. Instead of living by principles alone, lead the life with Love Walnut: move on with life, instead of getting stuck up with something or some emotion Knees: will get affected if we have issues with parents. Issue with Mother will affect left knee and issue with father will affect right knee. Forgiveness Exercise: if you (Raju) have to forgive your mother then affirm, “I Raju forgive you my mother. Please forgive me and release me”. Please note that this will release the anger about the concerned person and not the relationship itself.


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