Success Story- 40 days Abundance program

Me and my husband moved to US during my 7th month pregnancy. My husband got an offer wherein the pay was too less to accommodate a family to be of Three. Still, with faith in God we came here. With the high standard of living here and with only my husband's salary, I feared and worried about the future as we had to start life from scratch rent a house, kitchen utilities, etc etc. Hence I remembered 40 days Abundance Program while I had attended one of the workshop of Narans Sir few years ago. 

I started honestly writing all the 10 sentences everyday for 40 days. I felt IMMENSE CONTENT after writing it.

To my wonder, my husband's salary did raise from what was before after few days of coming here. We could setup our home with immediate basic needs and above all, our little Divine kid got everything that's mandatory here in US and also all as a parent that we can give!!

I feel so blessed ️ writing those sentences as at least for me it made me unattached to the money factor and raise my standard of thinking. I have no words apart from one word "CONTENT".

THANKS Naran Sir for all the gifts!



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