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Success comes in Small Measures

R Mohan Satish called me and mentioned that he has nothing but regrets in his life. So, I told him to chant “THANKS DIVINE ORDER”, which was given by Naran in ASK Naran Page. I reminded him within next 24 hours, if he chants this switch word combination for 1000 times, he will see some definite results. He did it and he was able to sell a new mobile that his friend got for him from Dubai. He didn’t need this mobile and so he was trying to sell it for last three months but he couldn’t. I have asked to continue with this mantra for one more month.


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Petal mantras - Experience

Experience shared by Ms.Padmini Gratitude Naran Sir. Have been doing petal mantras as guided by you. Last few days was sick with viral infection. Took normal paracetamol and chanted EESHANA PRAANADA P

Things are going bad/My bad time

When one says, things are going bad for me give Gentian (Bach flower remedy). But when one says, this is my bad time give Pine (Bach flower remedy).

For any addiction

Give the gem remedies Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Emerald combination along with Walnut (Bach Flower remedy).


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